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Instant Messenger software for community website


The software can be used to add an instant messaging service to a community website or a private network. The software includes:

  • Client application for Windows.
  • Instant messaging server for FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows (VDS/VPS or dedicated server required).

Main features:

  • Tight integration with a website:
    • No need for additional registration. Users can login to the messenger with the same username and password that they use at the website.
    • Profile synchronization. The following data is synchronized between website account and instant messaging account: Name, Gender, Birthday, Country, City, About.
    • Display users' online status on the website.
    • Add users to contacts from the browser.
    • Start private chat with another user from the browser.
  • Custom client application: custom title/logo/skin, translatable interface, etc.
  • Contact list, public & private chat, ads rotation, file transfers, etc.
  • Audio/video in public & private chat.
  • Admin system: global admins, room owners, room admins, registered users, guests; room/site-wide kick/mute, etc.

Note 1: you will need to edit Messenger.ini file after installing client application to connect to the proper test server (for more info, check the documentation). Note 2: to avoid spam, some settings can't be edited on test servers.


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