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Web Development IDE


AdvEdit is an integrated web development environment designed to facilitate handling common tasks such as updating files on the server, testing/validating html documents, and many more. Features:

  • Workspace. You can quickly resume working on a project at the point you left it or switch between multiple projects. For each project, AdvEdit saves the list of opened files, last edited file, and cursor position for each opened file.
  • Syntax Highlighting. AdvEdit highlights syntax for HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, C++, and Pascal.
  • Keyword Help System. AdvEdit distribution includes help for HTML and CSS. Also, you can add any html-formated help for other supported languages.
  • Code Explorer. You can break code into (sub-)sections using specially formatted comments and navigate between them using Code Explorer.
  • Built-in File Browser. You can use built-in file browser to open frequently-used files.
  • Built-in FTP. You can associate a website with a project and synchronize its content with the content of your local project folder using built-in FTP.


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