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Content Management System (CMS) script in PHP


PHPDevel CMS is a feature-rich content management system that allows to maintain a multi-language website with multi-level structure and multi-skin interface.

With PHPDevel CMS you are not limited just to editing pages in a Wysiwyg editor, you can add varios types of content:

  • Hint system will guide people through your website. You can add your custom hints and select condition that will trigger them. Hints are shown in a popup window when site visitor views certain webpage or performs certain action for the first time. You can view two sample hints here.
  • FAQ pages (demo).
  • Forums (demo).
  • Locations module (demo) allows to display sight, organizations, etc on the map.
  • Online store module (demo). Create products. Create coupons. Checkout with PayPal, Webmoney, and RoboxChange.
  • Other supported types of content: articles (demo), blogs (demo), media files (demo), partner links (demo), etc.

PHPDevel CMS includes membership system with personal blogs, albums, internal mail, notifications, watchlist, friends, groups, etc.

PHPDevel CMS provides various methods to organize content and present it to the visitors:

  • Sort, pin (sample usage: pin forum topics, pin featured products), move to another page.
  • Show selected items on a separate webpage (i.e. you don't create new items, but rather select existing items from other pages by certain critaria). Sample usage: show products with discount on "Special offers" page.
  • Show recent/random items on the homepage/in the side columns.


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Purchase PHPDevel CMS script (1-domain license - $25)
You may request free license if your website is not and will not be used to earn money in any way including donations. Free license does not allow to remove credit links and/or copyright notices.
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